Friday, October 29, 2004

Downtown Detroit a Backdrop for New Movie

Director Michael Bay, that helped create the blockbuster movies "Pearl Harbor" and "Armageddon", has chosen Detroit to be part of the backdrop of his recent project, "The Island". The movie, which stars "Big Fish" and "Moulin Rouge" leading-man Ewan McGregor, as well as Steve Buscemi and Scarlett Johanssen, is a sci-fi thriller set in Los Angeles. According to The Detroit Free Press, areas of West Fort and Shelby are currently being constructed to resemble Los Angeles in 2044, the year the movie is set in. Along with this location, the movie will also be filming in five others, including the Michigan Central Depot, Johnny Rockets, the intersection of Michigan Ave and Washington Boulevard, and the intersection of Griswold and Larned streets. Much of the cast as well as dozens of crewmembers are set to start filming on Monday, November 1 and will be finished on November 8.