Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Webmaster's Choice

With Jay at Bookies

Yesterday, I was checking out the website of one of my favorite bars in downtown Detroit when I discovered that a picture of me (located above) was listed on the site! "How exciting," I thought to myself. I am definitely not the showy type, but who doesn't want 15 minutes of unsolicited fame?? "I wonder if he liked my hair that day...or was it my outfit? My jewelry? What about me stood out to cause him to display this picture, amongst the many others Bookies takes on a nightly basis?" After 20 or so minutes of fierce examination of the shot, I gave up analyzing and called Gideon to tell him that my picture was on Bookies' website (and, to get his opinion of why they chose me)! Well, it just so happened that Gideon was with Jay, the owner of the bar, when he answered his phone. And, in typical guy-fashion, he asked Jay about it right then and there (I was so embarrassed). Jay's response? Oh, yeah - she is featured on the website. I didn't have anything to do with it, though. That picture was the webmaster's choice. Go figure! "Well", I thought, "I may not be turning any heads at the bar, but I am the webmaster's choice!" : ) To see more pictures of Bookies patrons in action, check out their website and click on the "Events" tab.

Thank you, Mr. Webmaster, for making a girl's day!