Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's Auto Show Time, Detroit

Detroit Publishing Company photo, Library of Congress Print Archives

Detroit is big in the news this week. I have seen, skimmed and read at least a hundred different articles related to the Motor City's Auto Show, from the broad presence of the hybrids to the new Scion, to Chrysler's very own phoenix - the Charger - which seems to have risen back from the dead. Like any Detroiter, I have been waiting in anticipation for the debut of the public show which, according to the North American International Auto Show's website, boosted Detroit's economy by $553 million in 2004. And, thanks to some very generous people, I will only have to wait one more day to surroud myself in Detroit's automotive past and future - my fiancee and I were given tickets to the Auto Show Charity Preview Event happening tomorrow night.

The Charity Preview, which began in 1976, has raised over $51 million for 11 different local charities. And, last year alone, the event brought in an impressive $7 million. Known as the place to spot the "who's who" in Metro Detroit, the Charity Preview drew 17,500 last year who shared in giving to the community while gazing at the newest designs and concept vehicles in the automotive world.

Check back later this weekend for pictures of the gala event!