Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Unique Car Art Set to Display in Detroit and Windsor this Spring

Side view of a CarTunes Sculpture

If you had a chance to visit the North American International Auto Show last month, chances are that you saw many unique and different vehicles, and were also exposed to the automakers' visions for the future.

Surprisingly, my favorite future car wasn't the sleek silver Chrysler concept, or the new H3; instead, I was most drawn to the cute little red car pictured above.

What is this mystery mobile, you ask? It's a CarTune and it and many like it will be popping up all over the landscape of Detroit and Windsor this Spring.

What are CarTunes, exactly? They are seven-foot long pieces of fiberglass that will be molded into cartoonish-looking automobiles. From there, each one will be given to a local artist, who will then design the sculpture in a creative and fun way using the underlying theme of cars and music as the focal point of imagination. We are sure to see some that are representative of the classic Motown sound. Maybe they'll even give some props to the local and always-controversial sons of Detroit, Eminem and Kid Rock.

A CarTune on display at the NAIAS

As we wait in anticipation for the unveiling of the fiberglass masterpieces, here are some firm details about the event:

- Expect about 200 different sculptures on the streets of Windsor and Detroit during the months of May through September

-The unique art display will be the first of its kind for both Detroit and Windsor

-At the end of the public showing period, each CarTune will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Proceeds will be split three ways: one-third will go to the Metro Detroit YMCA or the Windsor Endowment for the Arts (depending on the location of the piece); one-third will go to the artist; and, one-third will go to the buyer's charity of choice

-In addition to raising money for charitable causes, CarTunes was designed to motivate the people of both Detroit and Windsor to explore their own cities, as well as each other's

-Although several other cities have partaken in a similar type of event (Chicago had cows, Toronto had moose) CarTunes on Parade will be the first international event of its kind

For more information on CarTunes on Parade, visit www.cartunesonparade.org