Sunday, March 20, 2005

Motor City Blight Busters, Inc. - the Detroit non-profit group aimed at reducing poverty within the city - recently announced the undertaking of an incredible project: the rehabilitation of 40 run-down homes in time for Superbowl XL, which comes to Detroit next February.

According to its website, Motor City Blight Busters - currently run by founder John George - is accepting donations of vacant and abandoned houses in Detroit. Once a property is handed over, George and his crew will work their magic to transform the houses into safe, livable homes for low-income families.

According to
this March 4 story from Channel 7's website, George's mission is two-fold: he hopes to assist in the clean-up of Detroit in time for Superbowl XL, and to provide better living conditions for area citizens that desperately need it.

So far, the group has 2 donated properties. With the sheer number of abandoned homes in Detroit, though, I don't anticipate it'll be long before MCBB has the full forty.

Visit for contact information, tax deductibility of donations, and for a running tally of donated houses.