Thursday, March 31, 2005

Downtown Detroit set to have new tenant

Detroit's CBD set to get new, modern tenant

One loop around downtown Detroit is all it takes to reach the conclusion that the buildings in the area are old. When I say old, I am not saying they are old and decrepit - I am a huge fan of the 1920s skyscrapers that jut into the sky - I just mean that they are chronologically old. Really, other than the Compuware building, the Ren Cen, and a few others, Detroit is permeated with structures of yesteryear.

According to this Detroit Free Press article, though, plans are in the works on a brand-new, 10-story office tower that will be built near the Kennedy Square area.

The new building, which is stated to be designed by Southfield-based Neumann/Smith and Associates, will be sharply different to its neighboring counterparts in that it will be a highly modern building, created with steel and glass.

Construction on the 240,000-square foot building is tentively scheduled for summer or fall of this year.

The aforementioned article also noted that Redico, the developer of the property, is in negotiations with Visteon to bring about 500 of the suburban-based company's employees to the tower.