Friday, March 25, 2005

Soldiers and Sailors Monument

A beautiful piece of Civil War history lies right in downtown Detroit, and many Detroiters aren't even aware of it.

The Soldiers and Sailors monument - which is located at the southern point of Campus Martius Park - is, according to
Detroit's Historical Museum, one of the oldest Civil War monuments in the United States.

After 2 years of searching through designs submitted by way of an advertisement in the Detroit Free Press, the 111-member committee overseeing the monument's creation chose to move forward with the work of Randolph Roberts, a resident of Ann Arbor, MI.

In 1869, the Soldiers and Sailors' cornerstone was laid. It features an 8-sided platform, upon which four tiers were placed. The first tier is adorned with four scupltures representing Artillery, Calvary, Infantry and Navy. The second tier's figures portray Emancipation, History, Union and Victory. The top tier of the monument features a female figure, representing the state of Michigan.

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument was completed and unveiled in 1872. The entire cost of the project was $65,000.