Saturday, March 05, 2005

Yes, there are Grocery Stores in Detroit

Farmer Jack on East Jefferson

Despite what you may have heard, there are grocery stores in Detroit. I am always surprised to hear outsiders of the Motor City tell me that they could never live in the city, because they "wouldn't have any place to do their grocery shopping". This statement - which I had someone tell me at a bar in the D in January - always unnerves me, because it just isn't true.

In fact, the Farmer Jack on East Jefferson in Rivertown is a great example that proves the fallacy of this Detroit myth, often held by city-outsiders.

Built in 2003, this FJ is, according to New Detroit's website, the largest and most advanced store of its kind in the entire state of Michigan. Along with the Detroit grocery chain, the plaza also contains other retailers such as Payless Shoes, Rainbow kids, DOTS, Sally Beauty Supply, a Standard Federal bank branch, and an Athlete's Foot, amongst others.

There are two Farmer Jack grocery stores located in the city of Detroit, as well as three Food Basics stores, which were all previously Farmer Jack stores; they were converted last year as a cost-cutting measure by the chain's parent-company, A&P.

The One-and-a-Half Year-Old Farmer Jack on Jefferson Avenue

Along with the above-mentioned stores, Detroit also has a Kroger, and
many other non-franchised grocery stores, such as Harbortown Market. And lest we forget the 200-year old Eastern Market, the original metro Detroit farmer's market located between Rivard, Division, Gratiot and Riopelle.