Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Detroit Yacht Club

The Detroit Yacht Club from across the Detroit River

Did you know that one of the largest yacht clubs in North America lies right here in Detroit? It's true. The Detroit Yacht Club, located on a small man-made island adjacent to Belle Isle, has a clubhouse that encompasses 100,000 square feet.

Designed by George Mason - the architect of Detroit's beautiful Masonic Temple - the DYC's Mediterranean design makes it both an inviting and intriguing place.

Two-thirds of DYC members are not boaters

Although the name of the club indicates an association to boating, the Detroit Yacht Club is by no means a boating-only organization. In fact, two-thirds of its members are non-boaters. What does the club have to offer to non-boating members? Plenty. Below is an abbreviated list of some of the DYC's activities:

-Indoor and outdoor pools

-Year-round hot tub

-Fitness area

-Racquetball, squash courts, and tennis courts

-Golf and bowling leagues

-Cooking, swimming, dancing, tennis, and computer classes

-Ampitheater, picnic areas, and children's playscape

-Live weekend music

-Business and professional networking group

-Easter and Mother's Day brunches

-Over 40 different voluntary social clubs, including ladies bridge, water basketball, skiing, and gardening

-Year-round competitive swimming for children and young adults

The current home of the club is actually its fourth residence

Interested in becoming a member of this exclusive social club? The DYC has two upcoming prospective member receptions, the first on April 10 from 2-5 pm and the second on April 21 from 7-9 pm - where potential club-joiners can check out the DYC's interior, meet some of its members, and learn more about its history and current events. Call 313.824.1200 for more information.