Tuesday, June 28, 2005

North America's Largest Fireworks Display in Detroit tomorrow

At this time tomorrow night, all eyes will be on the Detroit River - or, rather, the area above the river - as thousands of Detroiters and Canadians take in the spectacular colors and shapes of this year's International Freedom Festival fireworks, an annual tradition the two cities have been sharing in for nearly a half a century.

A View of Canada from Detroit

Started in 1959 and paid for by J.L. Hudson, the annual event has continued to draw nearly one million people to the borders of Detroit and Windsor. Although Hudson's is no longer in existence, corporations like Marshall Field's (last year's sponsor) and Target (this year's sponsor) have stepped up as sponsors to continue the tradition of North America's largest fireworks display. The Parade Company - a not-for-profit organization that also organizes Detroit's Thanksgiving Day Parade - is, once again, planning the show to ensure that everything is in place and runs smoothly.

If you have never experienced the International Freedom Festival fireworks in person, I highly suggest you come downtown for this spectacular and amazing event - it is breathtaking and something you must see at least once in your life.

The fireworks can be viewed for free at the following locations: Belle Isle, Chene Park, Hart Plaza, and Riverside Park. Historic Fort Wayne will also be open for fireworks-watching, but this organization is charging a $3 fee for adults and $2 fee for children.

You can also see the fireworks from the top of the Centre Street Parking Garage, where - for a $175 donation - you can see Eminem perform one song. The Detroit-born recording artist has offered to make this rare appearance to ensure that the IFF fireworks continues well into the future.
The actual fireworks show begins tomorrow night at 10:06 pm.
If you cannot make it to the show, you can watch it on WDIV in the Metro Detroit area. And, be sure to check back here later this week, because I am sure I will have some great pictures.

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