Sunday, November 06, 2005

Belle Isle gets 1000 new trees

Last Thursday, dozens of volunteers gathered at Belle Isle's Blue Heron Lagoon with one goal in mind: to plant 1,000 tree seedlings.

The planting - which was coordinated by the Greening of Detroit and the Detroit Recreation Department - is part of the
Super Bowl XL Carbon Neutral Initiative, an environmental program designed to alleviate above-average levels of carbon dioxide produced by the events surrounding Super Bowl XL. The new trees will help absorb the excess CO2.

In addition to the seedlings planted on the 41-acre area of Belle Isle, another 1,500 will be planted over the next week and a half in the neighboring Detroit communities of Southfield, Ecorse and Dearborn.

Along with the Detroit Rec Department, the Greening of Detroit and the NFL, the Super Bowl XL Host Committee and the U.S. Forest Service also played key roles in the initiative.

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