Thursday, April 06, 2006

When a different kind of car was king

Transportation Riders United (TRU) - a regional non-profit organization focused on transportation access and quality in Metro Detroit - is marking the 50th anniversary of Detroit's last streetcar with a series of transportation-related exhibits in four Detroit People Mover stations this Saturday.

From noon to 4 p.m., interested individuals can view historic maps, memorabilia and photographs from Detroit's streetcar era - which came to a fateful end in the spring of 1956 - as well as exhibits focused on the area's present transportation system and discussions about its future.

Open to the public, Saturday's event is just 50 cents - the cost to ride the People Mover.

Attendees are instructed to board the DPM at either the RenCen or Financial District stations.

A charity preview of the event - called 'A Desire Named Streetcar' - takes place on the evening of Friday, April 7.

The progressive party kicks-off at 5:30 pm with a guided tour of the exhibits, presentations, prizes and appetizers. An after-glow in the promenade of the
Guardian Building will follow.

Suggested donations for the fundraiser range from $50 - $200 per person.

For more information on these upcoming TRU-events, or to learn more about the positive things TRU is doing to promote regional transportation, please visit
them on the web.

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