Friday, February 02, 2007

What's goin' on?

My readers are the best! I've been MIA for the past month, and cannot tell you the number of messages I've received from people asking if I am okay and when I'll be back (one person even gave me their phone number and said to call them if there is anything I need!) A big thank you to all everyone that dropped me a note; I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Now, on to where I've been hiding out these past four weeks (and, no, I was not abducted by aliens or on a month-long Colorado ski trip). The truth is, I've been right here in the D, lovin' every minute of this fabulous metropolis.

Why the long hiatus then?

January was a big month for me, for two reasons: one, I prepared to leave my full time job in the securities industry to take on freelance writing full-time; and two, I took on the editor-role of Detroit Living, City Living Detroit's annual magazine, last year and the new edition goes to print in a few weeks. Throw a new puppy and a somewhat-new husband into the mix, and ... you get the picture - my free time was seriously lacking.

Now, onto the good news: January 31 was my last day at my old job, so I'm now officially a full-time freelance writer. Meaning, I'm now doing what I love (writing), and I'll have a lot more free time (for Girl in the D).

I need a few more post-free days to work on Detroit Living, but should have something new up here before the end of the work week.

Until then, I encourage you to browse the archives (located in the left sidebar, near the bottom) or visit a few of the Detroit-related sites in my link list.

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