Friday, March 30, 2007

WWE Invades the D

Just two weeks after hosting the 2007 NCAA Wrestling Championships, the Detroit area prepares to welcome another wrestling event to town this Sunday: Wrestlemania 23.

Attendees of this year's event will see John Cena and Shawn Michaels square off for the WWE championship, and watch current World Heavyweight Champion Batista defend his title to Undertaker, the 305-pound pro wrestling veteran who maintains a 14-0 Wrestlemania winning streak.

It wouldn't be a WWE event without a goofy charade by Vince McMahon, and this year is no exception. The 61 year-old billionaire and real estate mogul Donald Trump, also a billionaire, are set to raise B-List celebrity antics to a new level of outrageousness in -- yep, you guessed it -- the Battle of the Billionaires. The duo have really outdone themselves promoting the event so I won't bore you with the details ... except to say that at night's end, one of the two will leave the ring bald.

If that doesn't have you running to for remaining WWE 23 tickets, perhaps the night's other highlights - Aretha Franklin's passionate rendition of America the Beautiful or Stone Cold Steve Austin as guest-referee of the Trump/McMahon bout - should. Yes, people, love it or hate it, this will be one big night in the D.

Catch Wrestlemania 23 live from Detroit's Ford Field at 7 pm on April 1.

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