Sunday, June 17, 2007

Make a Pit Stop

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

There’s a new bar in town -- Downtown, to be exact -- and it’s giving area sports bars a run for their money.

What’s got people from all over metro Detroit swarming to this new joint? Five simple words: two dollar cans of beer.

No, guys, that was not a misprint. And it wasn’t just an opening night special, either. Walk into the Pit Stop, the Central Business District’s newest bar, anytime during business hours and order two dollar cans to your heart’s content.

But cheap beer isn’t the only thing this no-frills, homey establishment offers. Co-owners Jon Grabowski, Gideon Pfeffer, John Lambrecht and Mark Jerant wanted an inexpensive, fun place to party, and that’s exactly what they’ve created. Grab a beer, kick back and catch a game on one of the Pit Stop’s flat-screens, or save yourself some cash and hit The Pit before or after a local event.

Never pay $10 for a vodka and tonic again! The Pit offers $4 wells and $5 calls, plus make-your-own-submarines for $6. Feeling crazy? Take a seat – literally – in “the driver’s seat”, an exclusive Pit Stop contraption that – well, let’s just say it involves a scantily-clad female pouring a shot down your throat.

For cheap drinks and good times, look for the green awning and the girls with the checkered flags. Your wallet will thank you, and so will your friends.

The Pit Stop is located at 1270 Woodward in the bottom of the historic Broderick Tower.

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