Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ford Field to host first 100% Carbon Free NFL Game

The annual Thanksgiving Day Lions game is always a special one in Detroit.

But this year, it'll be even more so. That's because Thursday's 68th Thanksgiving Day game at Ford Field will be the first 100% carbon neutral game in NFL history.

Through everyday operations, every organization contributes to carbon dioxide emissions. With the assistance of Carbon Credit Environmental Services (CCES) of Detroit, though, Ford Field will offset 1,866,000 pounds of Green House Gases (GHG) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions. In other words, 100% of its Carbon Footprint.

The calculations for this event include all CO2 emissions from electricity, gas and water used at Ford Field on game day, plus emissions resulting from car and air travel by fans and the opposing team.

To offset the emissions, CCES planted 150,000 trees, which serve as a carbon sink. Each tree planted will absorb the GHG and CO2 emissions and clean the air in our global environment.

Located in Detroit's Tech Town area, CCES has over 30 years of environmental experience and is proud to provide GHG and CO2 reduction programs. Other CCES programs include solar power, wind energy and methane recovery. Please visit CCES on the Web for more information.

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