Thursday, November 29, 2007

Movin' the D Forward: Round II

Back in July, I was part of a 2-hour panel program at Wayne State University called "Movin' the D Forward". It was a candid two-hour event about the 1967 uprising and its impact on under-40-year-olds in metro Detroit 40 years later.

Sponsored by Wayne State, WWJ, WDET, The Michigan Chronicle and The Detroit News, my five colleagues and I sat in front of a packed audience at the Spencer Patrich auditorium at WSU, talking about how the uprising has affected us and discussing strategies that would help our region move past the strong emotions related to this period of local history.

I mention this today because on Tuesday, December 4, Wayne State, WWJ, WDET, The Detroit News and the Michigan Chronicle are putting on another Movin' the D Forward event -- this time focused on No Child Left Behind (NCLB), a highly-controversial federal law related to educational legislation. It was passed in 2001 and signed into law in 2002.

What is NCLB? Wikipedia says the law "reauthorized a number of federal programs aiming to improve the performance of U.S. primary and secondary schools by increasing the standards of accountability for states, school districts and schools, as well as providing parents more flexibility in choosing which schools their children will attend."

Panelists for "Movin' the D Forward: No Child Left Behind" will discuss the creation of NCLB, the impact it has had on Detroit area schools, and give parents advice on helping to improve classrooms. Panelists include:

Casandra Ulbrich, Member, Michigan State Board of Education
Tonya Allen, Vice President, Programs, Skillman Foundation
Carlos Lopez, Ph.D., Deputy Superintendent, Oak Park Schools
Nathaniel Adams II, Assistant Superintendent, Detroit Public Schools
A representative from the Detroit Parent Network

If you're free next Tuesday from 9 to 11 am, I highly recommend attending this event. It will be a power-packed two hours, guaranteed. Admission is free, but advance registration is required. Register now and get free parking at Structure #1 (located across Palmer from the Law School). Continental breakfast will be served at 8:30.

The Spencer Patrich Auditorium is located at 471 West Palmer on Wayne State's campus in Midtown.

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