Thursday, December 06, 2007

Girl in the D garners another "Best of Detroit" award

Imagine my surprise when a representative from Ambassador magazine contacted me back in October to tell me that Girl in the D had been chosen as Best Blog by the publication's readers.

Not having been a reader of Ambassador at the time, I had no idea that a reader's choice poll had gone on or that Girl in the D was in the running.

Needless to say, I am deeply humbled by the accolade. Thank you to everyone that voted for my little blog that highlights Detroit's positive side!

And thank you for bringing Ambassador to my attention, because I now have yet another local publication to enjoy.

Published by two Detroit powerhouses, Denise Ilitch and Dennis Archer Jr., this bi-monthly magazine is full of articles and photos by an elite team of Detroit-area writers and photographers. I especially enjoy "Letter Home", a regular feature written by Detroit-born individuals whose lives have taken them elsewhere, but who will always consider Detroit home.

Ambassador is available at Southeastern Michigan-area Borders, Barnes & Noble, Kroger, Holiday Market and Nino Salvaggio stores.

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