Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Zaccaro's Market Now Open in Brush Park

After hearing over two dozen people oooh and ahhh about the new Zaccaro's Market in Brush Park, I finally had a chance to check out Detroit's newest gourmet grocery store for myself a few weeks ago.

And gourmet it is.

Located at Woodward and Watson, in the bottom of the new Crystal Lofts, Zaccaro's is a fresh and airy specialty market featuring deli meats, cheeses, wine, prepared meals, seafood, spices, spreads, ethnic foods and more. As this Detroit News article states, the store also offers "an in-house bakery and pastry shop", as well as a coffee bar and a wine bar. In addition, Zaccaro's currently offers nine varieties of hot sandwiches/paninis ($7.95 each or $9.75 for the sandwich, chips and a drink) including 'The Green Acre' -- grilled eggplant, roasted peppers, artichoke spread, hummus and smoked mozzarella -- and 'The 313' -- corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and 1000 Island on rye. There is also a small area at the back of the store featuring a table and chairs and a few arm chairs for you and a few friends to hang out if you so desire.

Though you will find some staples for your fridge and cupboards -- milk, yogurt, bread, fruit -- Zaccaro's prices are high and product selection is slim unless you're looking for artisan cheeses and gourmet coffee, so don't go giving up your regular grocery store just yet. (To give you an idea of pricing, a package of 6 Boca Burgers was $5.95; a pint of Soy Dream ice cream was $4.50; and the prepared lasagna bolognese my husband purchased was $8.95/pound.)

Zaccaro's reminded me a little bit of Trader Joe's -- I usually shop there for specialty foods like veggie burgers and Indian food -- with the nice part being that Zaccaro's is a lot closer to my house, and it is within city limits.

Bottom line: I am pleased that Detroiters have another food shopping option, and will definitely go back to Zaccaro's for health and ethnic food, and for items like artisan cheeses and pastries for entertaining.

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