Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Cass Tech Changing...again

New Cass Tech high school

In yesterday's post, I gave some information about Cass Tech high school, a fantastic establishment that has been around Detroit for over 140 years. Today, I wanted to let you in on another secret about Cass Tech: it will soon have a new building!

Funded from a 2001 taxpayer bond, the new Cass Tech - pictured above - is a modern urban masterpiece. From looking at the building in progress, you can just tell that it is going to be spectacular. The large amount of windows alone give it a huge advantage over the old brown building. In addition to this feature, however, one of the most amazing things about the school is the fact that it lies on just 18 acres of property - tiny in comparison to the national average of 55. How did developers and architects deal with this major obstacle in designing the school? Since they were limited in space horizontally, they decided to build up! Although the building is still a work in progress, I have read in the local newspapers that it is forecasted to be 5 stories tall and that students will eat lunch on the roof. From their new "cafeteria", they will enjoy beautiful views of the Masonic Temple and Cass Park, as well as downtown Detroit's skyline.

The new building is slated to be completed sometime during the 2005-2006 school year. No definitive plans have been made as to what will become of the old building, although I am told that many alumni would like the building to remain and possibly be used in conjunction with the new facility.