Monday, November 29, 2004

Don't know much about...Cass Tech High School?

Current Cass Tech high school

It has been home to thousands of students - including some famous ones, like actress Lily Tomlin and singer, Diana Ross - since first opening its doors in 1917. What is this brown building, you ask? It's Cass Tech High School, the well-known college-prep school located at the cusp of Downtown Detroit on Woodward.

Originally named Cass Union School, the establishment shown in the picture above was created from a land grant given to the city of Detroit by former Michigan Governor and Secretary of State, Lewis Cass. The building above, however, was not the first place that Cass resided; in fact, the school has been around Detroit in one form or another since 1861.

Although it was first created to teach woodworking and trades in metal, Cass Tech's curriculum has grown to offer 20 programs today, including such disciplines as fashion illustration and design; automotive; and, robotic engineering.

A school that prides itself on offering its students diverse learning experiences and the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities, Cass Tech truly is one of the best college preparatory schools in Detroit - its website boasts that 95% of its graduates attend college.