Monday, December 06, 2004

Statler Hotel Saved From Destruction...for Now

A round of applause goes to the Friends of the Book-Cadillac Hotel and its supporters, who were successful in staving off the go-ahead for the destruction of the once-popular Statler hotel, which is located on Washington Boulevard in the Grand Circus Park area.

The hotel, which has stood vacant since 1975, was approved for demolition in May 2004 by the Detroit Historic Commission after no serious buying inquisitions were made following a $4.1 million clean-up of the property. Detroit's development office publicly stated that demolishing the hotel would be the most cost-effective method for the land area the Statler sits on, although demolition figures have not been released.

Friends of the Book-Cadillac and other preservationists filed a restraining order against the city, which was granted by Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wendy Baxter. The restraining order is in effect for two weeks - at that time, the city will go before her in an attempt to appeal her decision.

The Statler hotel was built during 1914 and opened its doors the following year. Each of the original 800 guest rooms featured a private bath - a unique feature the Statler was proud to offer at the time. Later that year, the popularity of the Statler paved the way for an addition - a wing with 200 rooms - bringing the total number of rooms to one thousand.