Tuesday, December 07, 2004

You're Too Much, Readers!

When I started out doing this blog a few months ago, I had no idea the response I would receive from family and friends - not to mention complete strangers. It is so cool when I log into my e-mail and have a message from someone in the Detroit area - or somewhere on the other side of the country - that happened upon my blog and took the action to write me a quick note about it.

Along similar lines, you may have noticed that my old blog address, http://jaimehalaas.blogspot.com, is no longer in commission. My decision to change the address was prompted by two things. First, I have had some issues lately with my personal information getting into the wrong hands; therefore, I am safeguarding these possessions by any means possible, which includes axing my old blog address. Second, after blog-writing for almost three months, I feel that now is a good time to begin improvements on Girl in the D - thus far, my blog is only in "rough draft mode". To get it to the next level, I have been examining - on a large scale - what is good about it and what is not so good. At the top of that list is a goal to have the entire blog more focused on information relevant to Detroit. Therefore, having the blog address as my own name was one of the first things that needed changing.

Check back often to see if I am keeping up with my goal. And, of course, please feel free to e-mail me any comments or suggestions you have - I love to hear outside opinions.