Saturday, February 19, 2005

8 Mile Rocks on VH-1 Today

The Real 8 Mile Road

As the newest addition to VH-1's clever "Movies that Rock" campaign, 8 Mile - starring the ever-controversial, musical genius, Eminem - will make its network television debut this afternoon.

Having personally seen the movie four or five times, it's hard to believe that I uncover new Detroit nuances and scenery each time I watch it. Remember those picture games you used to play as a kid where you had to pick out the hidden items? That's what it's like for me when I watch
8 Mile. Here is a list of physical places in Detroit that are featured in the movie:

1. Michigan Theater parking structure: The site of the night-time rap battles amongst Rabbit and the evil players in the movie - known as the Leaders of the Free World - this once-beautiful building that used to be the Michigan Theater is located near Grand River and Bagley.

2. Intermezzo Restaurant: The place where Brittany Murphy's character, Alex, waitresses is actually an eatery in Detroit's historic Harmonie Park district.

3. Chin Tiki: The old Polynesian club located on Cass Avenue is featured in the movie as a latenight hangout, although it hasn't been open for 20 years.

4. Penobscot Building: Rabbit's character enters the Detroit architectural wonder on his way to the WJLB studio, which is one of the most popular radiostations in Detroit.

5. St. Andrew's Hall/the Shelter: Although the main rap-battle venue in the movie is called the Shelter, it was actually based on Detroit's St. Andrews Hall (which contains an area called the Shelter) which is located downtown. St. Andrews was once an Irish church, but now serves as a club and concert venue.

The Real St. Andrews Hall, where the Shelter is located

6. New Center Stamping: Called the Detroit Stamping Plant in 8 Mile, New Center Stamping is a metal plant located in Detroit's New Center area at East Milwaukee and Hastings.

7. 19th Hole Penthouse Golf Club: Seen from the bus window as Rabbit goes to work, the 19th Hole is located on Chene between Garfield and Warren. As depicted in the movie, the 19th Hole is abandoned and in shambles.

If you're at all familiar with Detroit, I highly suggest seeing 8 Mile (or viewing it again) and looking for other local items that are discreetly weaved into the entire movie. VH-1 will be showing an encore presentation tonight at 9:00 pm.