Sunday, February 20, 2005

Opera House Garage Demolition Going Smoothly

On my way into the Detroit Opera House for a dance production last Tuesday night, I noticed that the demolition of the once-hazardous Detroit Opera House Garage appears to be moving along quite nicely.

Don't get me wrong - I am all for preserving those buildings that are preservable. If you had been in the O.H. Garage before its demolition began, though, you and I know both know that this was a structure that could not be saved. The last time I was in it - which was early-December of 2003 - I felt like it might begin crumbling at any moment. Not to mention the fact that the garage's ramps were incredibly narrow and came down so low they seemed as though they would rip off the roof of your car!

Originally named the Hudson's Shoppers' Garage when it was constructed in 1950, the building's usefulness and safety factors have been outdated for a long time. Thanks to the wonderful Dr. David DiChiera, the man behind the Detroit Opera House, the new Detroit Opera House Parking Structure will feature seven levels, and will actually have entrance and corresponding exit points at both John R. Road and Grand River Avenue.

The new structure is set to open in Fall 2005. Until then, I would suggest parking right across the street from the DOH, in the lot to the left of the Madison Building. It is well-lit and reasonably priced (depending on when you are there).

For more information on the parking structure or the Detroit Opera House, please visit: