Friday, February 04, 2005

Detroit Hockey Fans Can Get a Small Fix This Weekend

The NHL and its players haven't solved their salary-cap woes yet, but Detroiters suffering from a hockey-less season have two small treats in store for them this weekend.

Local news stations have been abuzz with excitement since the announcement came from three Red Wings - Hatcher, Chelios, and Draper - that they would be joining Detroit's Minor League Hockey Team, the Motor City Mechanics, for an undisclosed number of games. Although it still has not been determined whether Draper can play tonight due to contract issues, Chelios and Hatcher will be on the ice. The first game is tonight at The Garage in Fraser.

In addition to finally being able to see some of The Wings' players on the ice, The Joe will host the state's oldest college rivals - the University of Michigan and Michigan State - tomorrow night, offering yet another opportunity for Detroiters to get their hockey fixes. The rivals will battle it out at 7:30 pm. Tickets are between $10-28.