Sunday, February 06, 2005

Detroit "Zips" to Top of SE MI Home Appreciation List

Think Detroit home values are in the dumps? Think again.

Yesterday, the Detroit Free Press reported on the rapidly increasing home valuations in certain Detroit zip codes, with some areas rising as much as 43% since 1999.

The 48227, 48223, 48235 and 48219 zip codes ranked fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth, respectively, in a Top Ten list of Southeast Michigan's most-rapidly appreciating homes according to a recent report by the real estate firm Fiserv, Case Schiller Weiss. The company, based in Massachusetts, provides home price valuations to many leading financial institutions through its extensive database technology and collected research in the area of real estate and home valuations.

Click here for the complete Top Ten list of cities, as well as each city's respective home appreciation percentage increase since 1999.