Saturday, March 12, 2005

New Interactive Map Helps Navigate Detroit

The Southeast corner of Detroit's CBD

Have trouble getting around downtown Detroit? Aren't sure how to get where you're going? Fret no more. The creative geniuses at Technology Productions have spent many long, sleepless nights studying every nook and cranny of Detroit's Central Business District to provide Detroiters and tourists with a new, free, interactive mapping system of Detroit, complete with landmarks, parking areas, entertainment venues and more.

Launched just last week, TP's brainchild - located on the web at - puts online map-kings like Map Quest and Yahoo! Maps to shame with its clean design and intricate graphics.

According to this article in the Detroit Free Press, the CBD mapping service was created without any sponsors or financial backing as a service to the city, and to showcase its abilities to other municipalities and venues in need of online interactive mapping systems.

If you get lost every time you venture downtown (read: my suburban friends), check the site out: its user-friendly, clean design and helpful tips make navigating around downtown Detroit a breeze.