Monday, March 14, 2005

Plans Unveiled for East Detroit Neighborhood Makeover

An unkept neighborhood on Detroit's east side plagued with abandoned homes, high levels of crime, and broken-down cars littering its streets will have a chance to shine once again if the plans of four development companies are carried out.

According to this story published in the Detroit News' Online Edition on March 10, two local and two out-of-state companies plan to buy the land that the Fox Creek neighborhood sits on and will develop over 3,000 new homes over the next decade within the area that lies adjacent to Grosse Pointe Park.

Once a clean, vibrant community, suburban flight over the past 50 years has left Fox Creek largely in shambles. The four development companies - American City Vista, Kimball Hill Urban Centers, Phoenix Communities and U-SNAP-BAC - hope the $257 million project will restore the community to its better days.

Both Phoenix Communtes and U-SNAP-BAC are Detroit companies.