Friday, August 19, 2005

Riff 2: Music Made In Detroit

Are you tired of listening to the same Top 40 hits played over and over on the radio? If you hear "Sugar" by Trick Daddy, or Hoobastank's "The Reason" one more time are you going to scream?

If you answered an overwhelming "yes!" to either of these questions, there's a new music channel in the D that may cure your suffering; that channel is RIFF2.

Launched a few weeks ago by Greater Media Detroit - the parent company of Detroit radio stations WRIF, WCSX, and WMGC - RIFF2: Made in Detroit is a fresh, innovative channel that won't drive you insane with its lack of playlist variety. It also won't remind you of any other metro-area stations, because RIFF2 seeks to provide its listeners with the sounds of indie rock, hip hop, and punk from local artists and musicians, those talented men and women that often don't make it to the airwaves.

Even better, the fledgling station is asking for your help in finding the best local Detroit talent in the alt rock and indie rock music scenes. Send an e-mail to and you may just hear the sounds of your fav Detroit band broadcast on the station.

The only caveat with RIFF2 is that is an HD radio station, meaning that you can't just turn on any old radio and get the channel; you have to have an HD radio.

HD radio, which recently made its entrance on the market, is a relatively new technology. It is similar to satellite radio, except the price for the HD radio - $259 for an inexpensive stereo tabletop version, and pricier for an auto version - is the only thing the consumer has to pay for; there are no monthly subscription fees like there are with XM or Sirius.

The Metro Detroit area has several retailers that sell HD radios, and they are listed on RIFF2's website.

RIFF2 expects the prices for HD radios to come down as the product penetrates the market.

Before shelling out more money for another tech gadget, though, please note that since it is a digital station, RIFF2 can be listened to without interruption over the Internet. Just go to, and click on "listen".

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