Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Tired of the same old martini bar? Try Bookies for a change from the ordinary!

Downtown Bookies in Detroit Posted by Hello

Apple, chocolate, straight up, with a twist, made with Grey Goose or made with Kettle One, martini bars all across Metro Detroit have made a killing during the past five years cashing in on different varieties of the classic bar drink, which is said to have first arrived on the American scene during the 1930s. Cashing in on the classiness and sophistication that the martini was originally known for, several area bars and nightclubs have quickly been springing on the scene, duplicating successful martini bars in the area, and asking reportedly up to $14 per drink for the famous little beauties.

Yes, I realize that they are good, but drinking martinis every night in the same ultramodern lounge, with the same people dancing to the same techno music gets a little tired after a while (or one night, depending on who you ask). Why not venture away from the suburbs for one night (don't worry, we won't tell Mom and Dad) and take a short drive into the heart of Downtown Detroit to Bookies Tavern, a bar that is anything but cookie-cutter.

Located at the corner of Washington Boulevard and Grand River Avenue, Bookies has generated much buzz within its last year of operations, mainly because of its large selection of beers - all moderately priced - and its intriguing and unique atmosphere. Rather than designing itself as a replica of popular martini bars in the area, Bookies is modeled after a saloon-style bar reminscent of the 1920's. Old black and white photographs of Detroit's own Purple Gang adorn the walls, which enclose a gorgeous mahogany bar, lined with some of the most comfortable barstools in Metro Detroit. Pub-style tables and chairs speckle the space, and the bar owners even created a sitting-area second level, complete with comfortable leather couches and chairs for those bar-goers aiming to look down on the excitement, rather than be in the midst of it.

For entertainment, Bookies is known for its eclectic mix of music, featuring bands such as the folk-rock Slight Eccentric, the alternative/garage-punk style of With Against, and the infamous VooDoo Organist. Of course, this bar that draws a diverse crowd and aims to please all, also regularly has DJ's on hand, playing popular tunes of all genres, as well as techno and dance remixes.

In addition to its great atmosphere, beer selection and music, Bookies also has one of the best-looking waitstaffs in the state. Don't believe me - check it out and you'll agree! If that isn't enough to cause you to shift your entertainment spot for one night, check out the bar before or after a Tiger's game or a show at the Fox. Visit their website for detailed information on drink specials, their recently-added menu or a detailed map to the location: